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I'm taking twenty deadjournal request.


I'm taking twenty deadjournal requests right now. That's right I'm taking twenty deadjournal request. So reply with the following form filled out and you'll get your journal made today and in a little as a week and a half, give or take a day you'll get the password emailed to you. If I can't get to make your journal this week because of too many request then I'll make you're journal next week.

Place int the subject line: DJ request for teh MoonDuchess

wanted journal at:

preferred username:

backup username:

backup username 2:

email address:

Reason for journal:

Are you over 13 of so when is your birthday MM/DD/YY:

Are you aware that it may take a week or long to get this journal because the code that is being generated is going to be used for someone else's journal?:

Please note: user name MUST be 15 characters or less, include no spaces, and be in lowercase. Underscores (_) are fine. Also make sure that your journal USERNAME IS NOT TAKEN because if it is then you are stuck with whatever name I decided to make for you. I can't always email you back when I can't create your journal. I get online about twice a week now and days.

Please do not request a journal you aren't going to use. It's a waste of a person's time making a journal or giving you a code you aren't gonna use. So if you take a journal or code please put it to good use, that's all I ask. Updating every once in a while isn't a hard thing to do now is it?
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