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Codes 4 Sale!

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[]Codes For Sale Rules []

[] Please be nice to the members of codes4sale.
[]Obey Livejournals Terms Of Service.
[] Do not trade any Livejournal early Adopter accounts...Why? Because that would be agains the Livejournal Terms Of Service and we don't want that :)

[]Sister Communities []
None at the moment we are currently expanding the codes4sale network :) If you would like to become a sister community please email me at codes4sale@yahoo.com
[]Moderater []
The moderater/creator of this community is _brwnxeyes

[]Link Us! :)[]
Please link our small but growing community!
< lj comm="codes4sale" >
Please note that between < and lj there is no space and the same for " and >

You can also link us with this button:

I also am making a list of emails of people who want an lj code, If you want to be on this list please email me at codes4sale@yahoo.com. If you have any livejournal codes and I could give to those people on this list please email me at codes4sale@yahoo.com